Travel Blogging Course

Sep 03

Travel Blogging Course

I started this blog about a year ago and I was lucky enough to have help from my cousin in the setup. In particular, she was able to help with the self-hosting aspect of the blog. Over the course of the year, I simply posted articles on my travels and did not worry about much else. Lately, I have wondered more and more about making this blog a bit more successful. I recently finished a travel blogging course with Amanda from A Dangerous Business. Her Travel Blogging Course has given me some great tips and ideas on topics ranging from self-hosting to branding to media kits.

Travel Blogging Course

The Course

This is a 12 week course – Amanda emails you weekly lessons. There is also a private Facebook group so you may interact with current and former course participants. The weekly lessons also include optional assignments plus two skype one-on-one calls with Amanda during the course.

Some of the topics include: helping you set-up your blog and self-hosting it; don’t let your blog die; branding; crash course in social media; self-promotion; SEO and what you need to know; your blog as  a business; and creating a media kit and a solid pitch.

So head over to A Dangerous Business and sign up Amanda’s Travel Blogging Course. The next session starts September 10th and costs $249.

Who is the Course for?

You do not need to be a newbie blogger. I already had a self-hosted website, I was already on social media, and I had been posting for eight months so some of the early lessons were too basic for me but there was always a tip or two that I did not know and could use for my blog. The information in the later weeks is outstanding particularly media kits and breaking into the travel blogging community. I will start implementing some of the new ideas this fall and putting together my first media kit so you should be seeing changes in the next month.

Was it Worth it?

I was hesitant to pay $250 for a travel blogging course but I decided to go for it and it was worth it. As I mentioned above, the early sessions are basic for those who already have set up your blog and done some posting already. But there is always something in each lesson you can use to improve your blog: maybe it’s a plugin or a tip on how often you should post on social media. And the later sessions are essential to improving your blog if you wish to get into media kits and pitching companies.

Other Courses

If you want to focus more on branding or consider yourself more of an intermediate or experienced blogger, Amanda also has a second course, Working with Brands. I have not taken this course yet but I am planning to in the future (the next session is in October and costs $100). This course will focus more on making pitches to companies: what to include in the pitch and how your media kit should look.

Working with Brands

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